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prayer garden plaque

Special and Memorable Events
Our school calendar is very busy and rarely does a week go by without an event of some description! Spiritual, musical and dramatic performances are held throughout the year and recent joys to see have included the Year Six production of 'Twelfth Night,' the annual Passion Play held in the church and the Shakespeare Recital.

Special topic days for the children are great opportunities to dress up and bring topics to life, such as Pirate Day in Reception, 1960s day in Year Six, and Evacuees in Year Three.

Every half term we have a 'Fitness Friday' where all children spend the day participating in a range of health and sports activities. Recent sporting experiences include ballet, zumba and football tournaments.

Annually we celebrate the varied cultures of our school families. In the last two years, we have celebrated a FIlipino Day and in September 2011 we had a wonderful day celebrating Hispanic cultures.  For photos of these wonderful days, please see the galleries above.


Sporting Events
We are very proud of the children and all we have achieved recently. During 2011-2012, we enjoyed tremendous sporting success at local level. During the year, our children won:

Year 5 Tag Rugby Winners
Girls Cross Country Winners
Deanery School Netball Tournament Winners
Netball League Winners
Netball Rally Winners
District Sports Winners (for the second year running)

We put our success down to our commitment to sport in school and during extra curricular clubs, and the commitment of the staff and families who are so supportive.