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Our Curriculum


Our approach to learning is based on three key words:

Creativity! Choice! Challenge!



Each day we strive to ensure that the children enjoy their learning, by making it varied and relevant. In response, our children thrive and tell us that they like learning. We challenge each and every one of them to be thinking and creative learners.


Our curriculum is a balance between ensuring that a child makes the very best continual progress in maths, reading and writing, whilst at the same time ensuring that learning is a exciting and challenges their capacity to think creatively.
Our children are passionate about reading and we place great emphasis on the joy of books. Our children are prepared, from their first day in reception for the national phonics test, against which they are assessed at the end of year one. Children in year two are assessed against national standards of attainment. In year six, the children complete the SATs tests in maths and reading and in 2013, will complete the first national grammar and punctuation tests.

Our curriculum is based on a cross-curricular topic approach which was graded 'outstanding' by Ofsted in October 2008. It was designed by our teachers. It gives staff and pupils alike the opportunity to be creative and challenged in their learning.


'This is a wonderful school. As I am in the process of putting my third child through the school, I am able to see the continually clever and thoughtful way topics are introduced and followed by teachers and how they link things together to help the children see and understand the bigger picture.'


Topics currently being investigated by the children are:

Reception Pirates, People who help us, Seaside
Year One Van Gogh's bedroom, Puppets, Walking on the Moon
Years Two Reduce, Re-Use, Repair, Recycle, Fairytales, London's Burning
Year Three Water, Dragons, WW2 Evacuees, Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch
Year Four and Five Impressions of a Meadow, Victorians,
Year Six Icons, The Normans.


Please see our 'Working with Families' Booklet on the Policies page for more information on the topics for your child this year.